New York Art Exhibition

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Built Gallery22 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013 (Soho)

212 226-1466

Reception: Thursday, October 27, 5-9pm

The China Series, solo art exhibitionDuring his trip to China, Patrick Otis Cox embraced the rapid production capabilities of digital video, along with traditional paint on canvas, to capture the emotions created by the cultural upheavals occurring in China. This series of acrylic paintings with integral video art is about China’s struggle to maintain the traditional, along side the accereelerated morphing to a single minded and strident obsession with everything modern. His documentary “Artists of Beijing” has been widely heralded for the insight to ChinaÂ’s resignation of the past and the idol worship of the new, receiving screen time at independent film festivals and broadcast through the airways, satellite and cable television.

, everyone has an opportunity to see the original paintings and video art that shows the removal of the binding shackles of oppression that causes the subsequent explosion of creativity and industry in China. The free market place lives, Mao Zedong is history!  Only expressionism can convey this profound evolution.

A preview of the paintings and additional information about the artist can be found at his on-line gallery: www.patrickotiscox.com. The cutting edge of art is now global. And with Americans learning to speak Chinese, we are witnessing a birth of a new world.

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